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My Story

My Creative Journey

At 62 years old, I keep learning and growing and developing as a person.

One night this winter, I woke up and I had an idea to write a children’s book about my silly crazy puppy, Boo-Boo.  I’ve never written anything in my life besides business emails and reports, but I didn’t shy away. Not only did I write the book, design the book, find an illustrator who lives in Ukraine, I also self-published the book on Amazon.

The moral of the story is; never stop discovering yourself, put away any self doubt and try something new. You might surprise yourself and find a new hobby, or even career. I love my job at RCAC more than anything in the world. I am an Event Planner deep down to the core, but I now I can say, I am also a children’s book author.

Check it out, and if you feel like supporting me, order a copy. It's pretty darn cute: 
Search on Amazon Boo-Boo the Shih Tzu.

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